Welcome to VORMAC

Vormac is a Cape Town based business located in Paarden Eiland Industrial. We are firmly committed to deliver the highest quality and best designed products available, backed up with great after-sales service. Constantly striving for excellence we take great care to develop products that are unique and functional, and we build them to last.

While our products are used by many local- and international knife-makers, we also serve other businesses such as engineering shops and metal fabrication who use our machines for deburring, burnishing and general sanding. Our various products cover most needs of both the hobbyist knife-maker and the professional, enabling them to repeatedly produce world-class blades.

We design and manufacture...


Various belt grinders for knife-makers and engineering workshops.


Flat disk grinders for precision work.


Machine add-ons and other gadgets.


Other small tools and items.

Introducing the new VORMAC knifemakers vice...